As my twit to @budip that in hostile situation, it isn't wise to do things such live coverage/live report. because it's not just giving information to the world but it giving information to the terrorist too.

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I'm taking sample from the movie Speed and Die Hard. in the movie Speed, the terrorist monitoring every police move in real time because the media (tv/satellite) covering the situation and aired it live. 


In movie Die Hard, the tv reporter finally managed to find out John and Molly's house, and aired it live, and instantly the terrorist know the relation of John and Molly

die hard

You might laugh of my movie reference on this Mumbai terrorist attack, but please do read this : Mumbai Terrorists Watch World React With Horror Using BlackBerrys

My point is, everybody has the right to access live coverage, so as the terrorist, no way you can forbid the terrorist to get valuable information on the situation, if media - with their scoop arrogance - still broadcasting live.
Just don't give them free candy on such situation, make their act stopped by turn off any such technology that can broadcast live



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